Air Plant Care

Tillandsias aka Air Plants are unique and increasingly popular plants. They are fun, exotic, hardy and require little care or attention. Please refer to the simple care instructions below.
Water Requirements:
Mist plants (2-3 sprays) 1-3 times per week. Use your judgment to determine how often to mist by observing dryness of plant. Be sure to mist the tips and back of leaves. In addition to misting, it is beneficial to submerge plant, upside down, in a shallow dish of water for approximately 20 minutes once or twice per month. Water should only cover leaf area and not base of plant. Whether misting or submerging, shake off excess water, and allow plant to dry (upside down) 1-3 hours before replacing in vase.

☹ If your faucet water is hard, common drinking water, purified water or rain water is recommended
☹ If using common tap water, allow water to sit overnight to allow fluoride to evaporate
☹ Do not use distilled water, it is too pure and doesn’t have enough nutrients for your plant
☹ Do not use tap water if you have a water softener system in your home. Salt is harmful to your plant
☺ In dryer conditions/winter furnace heat, more watering/misting may be required
☹ Do not allow water to collect/puddle in bottom of plants. This will cause plant to rot
☹ Do not use commercial glass cleaners on vase, use water only. Chemicals are harmful to your plant

Light Requirements:
☺ Air plants require bright filtered or indirect sunlight
☺ Full spectrum florescent lighting is an acceptable light source for most air plants
☺ For adequate light, plants should be no further than 7-10 feet from a natural or florescent light source
☹ Plants should not be placed directly in front of hot windows, this may burn air plants
☹ Plants can be placed directly in front of a window if the sunlight is indirect or not especially hot

• Air plants benefit from fresh air circulation
• The temperature range for air plants is 50 to 90 degrees F
• Fertilizing plants can be helpful and promote blooming. We recommend monthly treatment with a bromeliad fertilizer, which we have available.

60-Day Replacement Warranty Within 90 days purchase we will gladly replace, free of charge, any dead or dying plant in your terrarium with the same or comparable plant. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at,

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