Why You Need a Desktop Zen Garden


The concept of a Zen garden also known as a Japanese rock garden originated in Japan.  Buddhist Monks utilized it as a form of moving meditation, the purpose was not just to create something aesthetically pleasing but to focus and train the mind.  The sand represents water/waves, and the rocks represent the land.  Desktop Zen gardens are designed to recreate the serenity of traditional Japanese rock gardens on a small-scale, for an instant respite from life’s daily challenges in your home or office.

5 Reasons to have a Desktop Zen Garden in your home or office:

1. Relaxation and Stress Relief

Zen Gardens can give you a moment of peace in a stressful, or fast-paced work environment.  The methodical raking of the sand, and arranging of the rocks and stones calms the mind, and centers your focus.20170107_084622[1136]

2.  Encourage Creativity

We have all had those moments where our thinking feels blocked and useless.  The meditation and reflection that occurs while raking the sand, and arranging the rocks in your Zen Garden will help to calm and reset scattered thinking in the moment.  This practice in mindfulness can also assist you in finding a new perspective, or calm your thinking enough for the creative juices to flow.

3.  A Moment to Listen To Yourself

We spend most of our days on autopilot; Waking up, pressing snooze on the alarm for about 15 minutes (or an hour), breakfast, kids, school, work, lunch, extracurricular activities, dinner, cleaning, bedtime, wake-up and do it all again.  Throughout our hectic days our thoughts are on autopilot as well.  Taking a moment to focus on your Zen Garden helps you to follow and acknowledge some of the non-productive thoughts that you find arising in your mind.  Using that time to notice the thoughts and analyze if they are destructive or encouraging can center you in the current moment, and help you to recognize and refocus your thinking for future moments.

4. Entertain Coworkers

Zen Gardens are irresistible, when you set one on your desk you will find  most of your coworkers picking up the rake and taking a few moments to enjoy it before proceeding to the actual reason they came to your desk.  Enjoy the added benefit of putting your coworkers in a more calming and less stressful mood right before they speak to you.


5. They Are Simply Beautiful

Lets face it, even though they were not created just to be aesthetically pleasing… they are actually aesthetically pleasing.  Desktop Zen Gardens add a modern minimalistic vibe with a touch of natural accents that can be adapted to fit any space.

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